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Please contact us to make any of the above Life Changing Gifts  or more information on additional  options for giving.

Patients and volunteers frequently say the greatest gifts they receive is the time spent with each other and the profoundly  positive impact the encounter has on their respective lives.

Please consider supporting our medical mission work.  Every contribution, of any amount, helps sustain and expand our medical mission work in Thiotte by providing necessary funds to purchase medications and supplies, support Haitian clinic staff salaries, and fund our medical mission program work. 

Haiti Medical Mission of Wisconsin, Inc. is a non-profit organization as specified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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or mail your donation payable to:

Haiti Medical Mission of Wisconsin, Inc.
PO Box 3200, Madison, WI  53704

Thank you sharing and creating more opportunities for incredibly human experiences that result in more healthy lives.

On behalf of the people of Thiotte, Haiti ... thank you.

“Practicing medicine in Thiotte, Haiti helps to put things in perspective ... It brings you back to the essence of medicine, of what helping and healing is all about.”   - Dr. Bill Cook

“How a child in Thiotte suffers because of the condition he or she is born into can be unbearable to observe ... someone suffering through no fault of their own ... just because of where they were born. And if I'm doing any better, it is because of where I was born, not because I am good person and they are a bad person. It is just the circumstances of our birth.”

- Dr. Tony DeGiovanni

"I receive more than I give by caring for the people of Thiotte."

- Dr. Maureen Murphy

                 ... IS A HUMBLING EXPERIENCE  

Your gift to Haiti Medical Mission of Wisconsin makes a difference and creates ripples of positive health in Thiotte, Haiti and in the lives of HMMW volunteers.  We humbly accept a gift in any amount. Below are examples of how sharing helps:

___$100 employs a Haitian MD or DDS to treat patients for a day     ___$120 employs a Haitian surgeon per day

___$200 provides one day of medical supplies    ___$250 pays for safe SUV volunteer transport per day

___$550 covers all interpreters & drivers needed by medical team volunteers per day

___$3,700 employs clinic staff for a month   ___$14,278 is HMMW cost per medical mission team