Secretary/Treasurer       Barry Cash, MD

President                             Gergens Jean Polynice, PhD.

Kathy Roberg, RN

Garry Jean-Louis, MD

Bob Zemple, MD

Founder                    Maureen Murphy, MD

Terry Haag, RN

Tony DeGiovanni, MD

Organizational committees are comprised of board members and at-large committee members.

Current Committees are:

Executive Committee

Trip Committee

Finance Committee

Development Committee

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Presently,  part-time staff positions complete work that is beyond the scope of time available by volunteers.

Executive Director - Carole Wakefield

Administrative Assistant - Tracy Wells

A collaborative organization, HMMW focuses on approaches and methods that enhance Haitian autonomy.

Haitian Driven
Collaborative Partnerships

HMMW continually strives to be more Haitian driven and to take actions which help build local capacity and stimulate the Haitian economy; thereby, advancing local resiliency and sustainability. Toward that goal, we purchase in Haiti most of the medications and many of the supplies for our medical mission work. Anything that we require, which can be purchased locally, is acquired from within Haiti.

HMMW is continually working to better identify, access and collaborate with our Haitian partners to more effectively assess, meet and anticipate the health care needs of the people of Thiotte and the surrounding area. We strive to hold annual, in-person meetings with our Haitian partners, including the Ministry of Health (Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population - MSPP), to discuss specific opportunities for collaboration and means for integrating Haitian identified goals into our organizational work plans and budget.


Thank you for having an interest in Haiti Medical Mission of Wisconsin, Incorporated (HMMW). We have posted our most recent financial statement (990) and a copy of our 501(c)(3) Determination Letter from the Internal Revenue Service identifying that HMMW is a public charity.



We know that volunteering at HMMW improves health care for the people of Thiotte. And that feels great. But it also deepens our own self-respect which in turn helps us perform better in all aspects of life, and makes us healthier, too.

Enjoy reviewing this About Us section to learn Where is Thiotte; Our History; Volunteer Stories; and Organization & Financial information including our Board of Directors, Committees, USA Staff, and Haitian Staff

Vice President

Jane Salinger